Sunday, October 01, 2006

Tocati Festival, Verona

In Italian this is called "Pizzicantò" and in Spanish, it is "Castells" and consists of a group of people making a human tower, climbing on each other's shoulders like cheerleaders making a pyramid.

Serious – and not so serious – games of checkers, played in the streets

This distinguished looking elderly gentleman was saying his rosary near the Duomo. Not sure why he didn't go inside the church, but there he was!

"Pastori Acrobatici" from the Canarie Islands. These shepherds – "pastori" – were amazing with their long poles, around 4 meters – climbing up and down the hills and cliffs around the Teatro Romano.

"Ponte Postumio" – placed across the Adige River in memory of the bridge that once stood there

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