Friday, October 27, 2006

Salame di Cioccolato

This is a chocolate salami. We had been told about this from Laura and we were skeptical about what it might be like, like would it be sort of a minced meat thing that had chocolate in it? Was it really salami meat mixed with chocolate?? It sounded too strange! Mirella, Giorgio's sister made one and presented it to us on the night we went to Giorgio and Laura's house for dinner. Wrapped in white paper, it looked like a salami, more than 12" long! There is no meat involved, it is all chocolate and bits of cookies, formed in the shape of a salami, just for fun I guess! I have seen other recipes that included dried fruits so I assume everyone has their way of doing it. This one seemed pretty simple and I am going to try to get the recipe from Mirella.

Salami di Cioccolato, wrapped in white paper

The Salami, sliced

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