Sunday, October 01, 2006

Tocati Festival, Verona

(we have tried to include the names of these games and hope we are correct. If you know better, tell us)

"Tuta," kind of like bowling, knocking down pins with a metal disc.

A games area presented by the Fondazione Pistoletto. The kids had fun rolling different colored balls through this new twist on the infinity symbol. (Check out the website of this organization at whose goal it is "to inspire and produce responsible change in society through ideas and creative projects" and "Love Difference" ( an "Artistic Movement... that aims to bring together...people and institutions interested in creating new prospects that reach beyond the tragic conflict between different cultures." I was fascinated and encouraged that there are organizations like this striving to find a better way to respond to the major problems of society.

Ball Throw – another game like bowling requiring skill and accuracy to knock down pins

A Bride and Groom were just walking through the city!

The game of "Calva," (we think!) like thowing discus only with a pole. Bob says this photo is for the guys.

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