Saturday, October 28, 2006

An apartment in Vietri - finally! 10.28.06

It's five in the morning and I couldn't sleep so I decided to get up and catch up on some of my writing. I got back from my quickie trip to Richmond last week and since then I have been biting my nails and losing sleep over the fact that we still did not have an apartment on the Amalfi Coast. Nigel has been working trying to find one for us and a few that we thought we had fell through at the last minute and we were getting closer to our date of departure and still didn't know where we were going to live! I know I should be more adventurous. We talked about just going down there and finding something. Surely at this time of year that would be possible. In Marina di Ragusa, we saw once we were there that there were probably many choices for places that were not rented all winter but I just felt uncomfortable leaving this home and not having one lined up for us. I have had many sleepless nights and anxiety over it but at last we are settled!

Nigel found us an apartment in Vietri sul Mare, on the Amalfi Coast!

Nigel called to say that he was going to look at this apartment and had been told that it was great. We hope it will be so. It has a view of the sea and it is just a short walk down to the marina or up to the centro and the majolica-decorated Duomo and bell tower. It is on the ground floor with a large terrace, a little table, chairs and an umbrella for sitting outside. It doesn't look fancy, but bright and comfortable with plenty of room for my sister and her daughters when they come to visit over Christmas and importantly, a place for our car.

Vietri is a seaside resort famous for its ceramics. We expect it to be quiet during the winter months but Nigel assures us enough people live there all year that the essentials will still be open and available to us, much as it was in Marina di Ragusa. We like these lively seaside places in the off-season and enjoy having things more or less to ourselves, even if that means some of the restaurants and shops will be closed. Vietri is the first town on the Amalfi Coast, nearest to Salerno and therefore easy to go in any direction, inland towards the mountains, north to Napoli or west to the tip of the peninsula towards Amalfi, Sorrento and Capri. We can't wait! There are so many places in this area we want to explore, we really can't wait to get started.

Ci vediamo!
Rosemary e Robert

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