Saturday, October 28, 2006

Flavio Fossato's models

The Natural History Museum in Verona is located in a 16th centurty palazzo built by Sanmichele and is famous throughout Italy and Europe for its collection. There are over 20 rooms with impressive collections of fossils (some as tall as 6 ft or more!), minerals, plant and animal species, insects, butterflies and beetles that are really remarkable. We visited this museum at the urging of Giorgio who told us that his friend Flavio (the guy who makes the antique weaponry I wrote about recently) had built some scale models for the museum and suggested we might enjoy seeing them. We did. We hope to also post some photos of the various exhibits but for now just wanted you to see the work of Flavio who is truly a maestro.

These rooms in miniature are scale models of what the museum collections looked like in the 1600s and were built using prints made at the time. The level of detail and craftsmanship are quite impressive.

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