Friday, October 27, 2006

Flavio Fossato, Veronese artist and his work

Flavio is a life-long friend of Giorgio, our landlord and friend, here in Verona. Giorgio wanted us to meet him and see his art and his studio. We were incredibly impressed at not only the craftsmanship and knowledge of this maestro, whose replicas of historic and ancient weapons and tools are in many museums in Italy, including the Ice Man exhibit in Bolzano* and the Natural History Museum in Verona, but with his passion and humility. He is a retired mechanic who creates crossbows, longbows, swords, arrows, axes, knives, armour and clothing, historically accurate in materials and workmanship. Not only that, he is a champion archer and teacher of medieval archery and swordsmanship. An amazing guy. He lives simply, doesn't do this for money (which is why he doesn't have a website) but does it for the love of the craft and the traditions he helps to pass on.

Flavio, with one of the tools which would have been used by the Ice Man of Bolzano 5300 years ago.

One of Flavio's knives handmade from bone, leather and natural stone

Trophies in his studio for archery and craftsmanship of his tools and weapons

Replica of the copper headed axe of the Ice Man of Bolzano

Flavio demonstrates the medieval longbow, hitting the target each time

*We visited the Ice Man exhibit at the South Tyrol Museum in Bolzano earlier this summer. A 5300 year-old glacier mummy commonly known as "Otzi" was found in this area in 1991, perfectly preserved with his clothing and equipment. The museum offers visitors a glimpse of what life must have been like in this prehistoric period. To see more, visit their website

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