Sunday, October 15, 2006

15 Oct 2006 Visit to the Verona Fire Station

The Verona Fire Station. In Italian Caserma. This is only about one third of the station and it is three stories in some areas. There are about six boats, three ladder trucks, two command vans, a tractor trailor to carry the earth moving vehicles and many other types of apparatus. In addition to what you see here.

This is Roberto.

This is a decontamination trailer pulled by the truck on the right. It contains various chemical agents, neutralizers and tools used to decontaminate people and places. Roberto was telling us that the hardest part of being in Haz Mat is the different mind set necessary to work with chemicals. As a firefighter the training is to hurry to put out the fire but as a Haz Mat Tech it is important to wait and analyze the situation thouroughly. He said that many times when he arrives the first thing he has to do is to decontaminate the firefighters already at the scene. I told him that this was also my experience. Giorgio appreciated that this situation is universal.

Some of the tools used in decontamination.

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