Friday, December 29, 2006

They're Coming!! 12.29.06

Well! Not without a little extra added excitement (or should I say "stress!") my sister and her girls left Denver yesterday afternoon. The weather forecast predicted yet another big snowstorm but thankfully they got out of there before it got bad again. We decided she would only call if she did not get on the flight and as I haven't heard from her and I've checked her flight online, I can only assume that they are on their way and the flight will arrive on time tonight in Naples.

Today Bob and I have decided to drive up to the Observation Center on Vesuvius. To keep myself occupied mostly from being too excited to sit still and just to check it out. Our last venture was a disaster and we never found the right road. This time we've done a bit more research and hope to get close to the crater.

Assuming my family arrives tonight, I probably will not write much, if any, while they are here. Thanks again for keeping up with us and our adventures!

Rosemary & Bob

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Linda said...

Hi Guys, I just received your Christmas email and your blog address so have been busy catching up on your last 2 years adventures & pics. I was in Italy last April but Jeff & Janet could not find your contact info. I had 12 days of whirlwind tours of many places, but think that where you are now was one of my favorites.
Happy New Year, Linda