Friday, December 22, 2006

Holiday visit update etc 12.22.06

The latest news is that Suzanne and the girls will leave Denver (fingers crossed!) on December 28 and stay with us until January 11. Not the Christmas we had hoped for, but still good even if we have to wait one more week to see them. As it turned out, the area where she lives outside Denver got at least 24 inches of snow. Thanks to her neighbors, and to her daughter Sam and Sam’s boyfriend Chris, who shoveled her walk and dug out the car and lit the fire in the fireplace and to her little 10 year-old Maddie for being the most positive thinker in our family – who said “Mom! Now we’ll get to have two Christmases!!” And as it further turned out we were so glad the storm and all the cancellations occurred before they left for the airport or they might have been stranded there, unable to get home and sleeping on the floor of the airport! Or, stranded in London where, that same day flight were cancelled due to something called “frozen fog” – sounds perfectly ominous, like a horror movie! At any rate, my sister, unable to come here or even leave her house, was given a day of forced relaxation. After all the stress of getting ready for this trip, a little de-compression time. I imagine her with her feet up, a cup of tea in her hands, watching some old black and white movie on TV while a cozy fire burns in her fireplace, her two daughters nearby and the snow building in drifts outside the door!

We’ll be together soon enough. And, as it rained all day yesterday and today too, I guess it’s OK that they didn’t begin their vacation carrying umbrellas around the Amalfi Coast! Now keeping fingers crossed that all the bad weather goes away and sunny skies appear, on both sides of the world.

Buona serata,
Rosemary e Robert

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Beni said...

Found your blog a few days ago and have very much enjoyed reading about your travels. I had a special interest in your Sicilian adventures, I was born near Agrigento and return frequently, most recently last summer to discover the unexpected beauty of Modica, Scicli, Ragusa and the marine. You also allowed me to relive the two months I spent in Perugia in 1975 as part of my junior year in Italy.
Vi ringrazio e vi auguro un Buon Natale e un felicissimo 2007.