Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Boat Ride on San Stefano's Day 12.26.06

Bob and I walked down to the beach this morning after breakfast. There were many people out and about on this day after Christmas and we saw Piero, our upstairs neighbor out in his boat fishing. He waved and pulled the boat closer to the rocks where we were standing and Bob asked him how the fishing was going. He replied that it was too windy for fishing but asked if we would like to go on a little ride with him. Thrilled, as we have wanted to go out on a boat here, we gladly jumped in! He took us along the shore towards Salerno and the views of Vietri and Raito above were delightful. The color of this water has to be seen to be believed. It is so clear and clean and today looked alternatively turquoise and deep blue depending on the direction of the sun. Along the beach there were even people swimming and sunning themselves and he told us that it was warmer up there, protected by the cliffs and that it was windier the further out to sea you went.

When we returned to shore, Bob and a few of Piero's friends who happened to be passing by helped him pull the boat up onto the sand. What a great gift! We were so happy to have had this opportunity.

We stopped at Martine's coffee bar and told her we had just had a little boat ride with her husband and ordered two cups of espresso. We sat outside with the sun on our faces counting ourselves fortunate indeed to be in this place at this time.

In three more days my sister and nieces will be with us! I cannot wait to show them this area and all the wonderful things we have seen.

Buone feste!
Rosemary e Robert

View from the Bay of Salerno from Piero's boat


Pulling Piero's boat ashore (note the little guy behind me helping)

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