Friday, December 01, 2006

Problems with Blogger

We are having problems posting photos to our blog. We are getting worried and are frustrated but when we go select the photo icon to post photos, nothing happens. Zip. Zero. Zilch. We haven't been able to post any photos since last weekend. It seems like text goes OK but not the photos. We have sent emails to Blogger but so far no response. So we are thowing this out to the universe. Anybody with suggestions, we welcome them. We are sorry for this and hope you will check back with us to see if we have been able to solve this problem. Or please, if you know anything about this and can shed some light, by all means, we want to know.

Rosemary & Bob

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lonestarinitaly said...

Hi there Bob and Rosemary! I stumbled on your site accidentally while doing a search and really enjoyed it. I, too, live and work in Naples. I've been teaching on the Naples (Navy) support site for four years-beginning my fifth year in August. I laughed and agreed w many of your assessments of this area...traffic among other things. Would love to meet you, if you're ever back in the area. Ci vediamo. Linda