Friday, December 08, 2006

Cilento Coast, Cava dei Tirreni and Salerno 12.08.06

The Cilento Coast 12.03.06

It's late Sunday night, December 3, 2006. We spent a pretty quiet day at home today and only went out this evening for a little stroll around Vietri. We walked a lot this week and just needed a day of rest I guess.

Earlier this week we took a drive to the Cilento Coast. It begins south of Paestum and the scenery along this stretch of coast is very beautiful. We stopped at Martine's coffee bar on the way out of Vietri and got some advice from Antonio who owns the Salumeria in Marina di Vietri, near the coffee bar. We ended up taking out our map and having him write down directions to get there and were on our way.

We stopped along the way at different stretches of beach to walk along the sand and pick up pretty colored rocks and admire the interesting shapes of the mountains along the way. We saw a sign on a house that said "Vendita Olio d'Olive" and bought a bottle of olive oil from a young woman in her pajamas! We had to stop on the road to let the sheep go by and took a photo of the shepherd who really seemed to look the part.

We saw villages right on the sea and up on mountaintops, strange little towns nestled here and there and some lovely places with broad promenades and small shops along the main roads. We made a big loop that took us down the coast on small roads that hugged the coast and then inland to the autostrada. It was a lot of driving for Bob and we were gone all day, returning home well after dark.

Cilento Coast, hills and castle

Palinauro's port

Red boat on the beach, Cilento Coast

(to be continued Cava d’Tirenni)

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