Saturday, June 24, 2006


Photoshoot: at the Pescheria, the site of a busy fish market since the 1400s. The market was over for the day and a fashion shoot was taking place. We really loved the light through those red cloths. So did the photographer I assume!

Venetian Door Handle: One of the delightful architectural details Bob enjoys shooting.

Tourists at Work: Tourists doing what tourists do best, shop, lounge, take pictures and wander around looking simultaneously lost, gleeful and confused!

The Grand Canal: Taken from the vaporetto, one of the floating buses that take you take to get from one point to another on the Grand Canal. It's a great way to enjoy the city, especially after walking around all day seeing the sights on foot.


giovanna said...

Ciao Rosemary e Robert
è sempre bellissimo leggere i commenti che fate e vedere le foto. Trasmettete così bene le vostre emozioni che sembra quasi di essere li con voi. Il nord è molto bello, soprattutto in questa stagione e vedo che non avete bisogno di nessun suggerimento, siete bravissimi a scovare anche i più piccoli posti da soli, così come avete fatto in Sicilia.
Un bacio a tutti e due

Jim said...

Hi -- We are the couple who met you in the ancient Greek temple in Selinute in March. We'd love to communicate with you sometime about moving to Italy for a couple of years someday. Can you send us your email address?
Jim & Khara Gaw