Friday, June 16, 2006

Impressions of Verona 6.16.06

Porta Nuova: You walk through this porta (gate) to find yourself in the old center of Verona, facing a row of beautiful pallazi and outdoor cafes on the left. On the right, the green space of Piazza BrĂ  and the massive face of the Roman arena. Welcome to Verona!

Ponte Scaligero: A view of Verona from the Castel San Pietro. Bob climbed up while I sat and painted. That's the Ponte Scaligero (or stone bridge) built in 1540, the people of Verona rebuilt it using all the old stones they rescued from the river after it was destroyed by retreating German soldiers in 1945. That's the Duomo's bell tower in white, beyond.

Castel San Pietro: Its origins date back to the 14th century but it gets its present appearance from the Austrians who rebuilt it in the 1854. I guess they didn't see the end coming in 1860 when the citizens threw them out and formed a united Italy without foreign domination.

Face of Verona: Architectural detail. We've noticed that this type of detail seems more realistic than the fanciful baroque grotesques we loved in Sicily.

Centro street: A view of the old center of Verona. I believe that is the Torre dei Lamberti in the distance. (still getting to know the city!)

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