Monday, June 19, 2006

A Public Toilet in Northern Italy

We had read about these toilets on the floor before our first trip to Italy about a dozen years ago but have not encountered them so far in Umbria or anywhere in Sicily. In fact, the first time we saw one was in Milano, surprising for such a fashion conscious, modern city. This one was in Verona. So far we have seen several, all in public places like restaurants and the like. Seems very antiquated to us but they apparently still use them up here and it's always an adventure!

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bluey_blue said...

I thought I was open-minded, until I saw this toilet. I guess being a germaphobic doesn't help.

Glad to hear that you are enjoying your new place. I'm sure in not time you will know the city and all its treasures.

Sorry I haven't been able to comment sooner, but I've been doing some traveling myself. Idaho was fun and I was able to sit and read a book that wasn't a children's book or a text book :) I also went to Ephrata, Washington to visit my boyfriend for a weekend. I will be going back in August for two weeks before school starts up again for me, and James is planning on coming to AZ for Christmas. Tell Bob I hope to have some happy news to share with him at that time. I can't officially say anything yet untill then.

Well gotta go now. As always take care and stay safe!