Friday, June 16, 2006

First Impressions 6.16.06

Today is Friday, the 16th of June, 2006. We have been in Verona now for just over one week and we have already been to so many places I feel I cannot begin to describe all of them in great detail, so we have decided to simply do a photo journal and to briefly tell you about these cities. The north of Italy, and the Veneto in particular, is chock full of gorgeous large and small cities, vineyards, lakes and mountains, there will be no shortage of places to go and things to see. It definitely seems a bit more expensive up here than in Sicily so we'll have to be careful not to exceed our budget but we do pretty well, living cheap and making our art and hope to continue to be frugal and enjoy what each day brings.

We've spent a few days just exploring Verona. Lovely. We took drives to Padova (you may know this as Padua, birthplace of St. Anthony) for the feast day of the Saint, Lago di Garda (Lake Garda) and several of the cities along its shoreline like the Sirmione peninsula, Peschiera and the small and charming Lazise. We drove along the eastern shore of the lake up to its northern tip, near Turbole, where the windsurfers looked like so many butterflies flitting across the surface, turned around and drove south again back to Verona. Some of the little towns nestled in the mountains could easily make you feel that you've gone too far north and ended up in Germany! There are castles and church towers reaching up to the sky and we want to return to so many places we have passed along the highway.

With our friend Myles, we drove to Borghetto, a picture postcard pretty little town south of the lake. We spent a day in Venice, trying to get our bearings and visiting the gorgeous Basilica San Marco and the Guggenheim Museum of modern art that we missed the last time we were here. We found Venice filled with tourists, more shops than we remembered, and more souvenir stands than really seem necessary since they all sell pretty much the same stuff but still unique and lovely as always.

On the 25th of this month our daughter Jessica and her husband Nick will be coming over for a visit. We will spend a week touring the Veneto with them and then all of us will pile in the car for our trip to Cologne and Andrea's wedding. We hope to see several other friends while we are there in Germany, as well as a stop in Switzerland to visit our lovely Helena from Perugia. We're very excited about this trip on so many levels!

We're thinking of all of you and hoping life is treating you well. We hope you enjoy the photos and the brief descriptions we've added. We are still getting to know the city and are doing our best to be accurate!

Buona giornata,
Rosemary and Bob

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