Sunday, March 11, 2007

Janet and Stephen visit from the UK & more 3.11.07

We had a lovely visit from our friends Janet and Stephen that I need to tell you about and we are so behind in our writing! They arrived on February 21 and left on the 23rd – a very brief visit but we had a great time. We went down to see the Certosa in Padula and took a drive along the Cilento Coast. I will write more about that later but wanted to be sure to post at least that much at this point. We want to post some photos and to tell them what a wonderful time we had with them. The day they left, we had our anniversary dinner party, then we met Emma and started ceramics lessons, sold our car, made plans to receive our furniture when we arrive at home on April 5th, in addition to researching cell phone and internet providers, insurance companies and rental car agencies, packed two bags for Jessica to take back to Milwaukee with her, welcomed our daughter for another visit and been on the go every day with her since she arrived on the 1st! There has not been a moment to spare but we wanted to at least put this much out there.

We’ve received a couple of very nice comments on the blog recently that I wanted to mention and thank those people for their kind words. It is always a pleasure to know that people are out there reading and enjoying what we have to say and to show. So thanks for that.

Now it’s 6:15 in the morning and I need to get going. Today we plan to visit Cumae and Baia and need to get an early start. We have had a practically non-stop time with Jessica but enjoy having her here so much. We just wish our son Chris could have been able to join us as well but with his new responsibilities as a daddy, that wasn’t possible. We spoke to our little granddaughter Kyla last week who had a wonderful visit to the zoo and told us all about seeing the brand new baby goats and the peacock who got “bigger and bigger and BIGGER!” We can’t wait to get home and enjoy these sorts of things with her, so we are very grateful to have much to look forward to.

Thanks again for coming along with us. These next weeks will be quite full. Jessica leaves on the 14th and on the 15th we will fly to Sicily for 5 days. Then we are definitely in the “Home” stretch!

Buona giornata,
Rosemary & Bob

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