Sunday, March 25, 2007

In Ragusa again with friends

Il Duomo San Giorgio, Ragusa Ibla, restored!

A view of Ragusa Ibla

Chicken roasting in Ragusa

Our Last Supper in Ragusa at the Timino farm, where we enjoyed, among other things, hot ricotta, wonderful cheeses and olives and a scrumptious assortment of grilled meats

Le Donne (the women) - our Sicilian women friends, left to right: Marinella, Signora Tumino (restaurant owner), Giovanna, Lucia, Rosalba, Assunta and me, Rosemary, seated in front

Gli Uomini (the men) - our Sicilian men friends, left to right: Salvatore, Elio, Pippo (the three brothers) and Rino and Bob, with Gianfranco in front

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