Saturday, September 30, 2006

Watercolor journal from Florence

A few years ago when we were in Florence I had this leather-bound journal made for me by an artisan in Oltarno. I haven't had the courage to actually paint in it till now when I decided it was time. I wanted to record some of the little things, mostly fresh fruits and vegetables that we have enjoyed and to be able to keep these memories in this wonderful book.

This is the journal. The man who made it for me told me that it was in the style of the bibles carried by the scribes in ancient times under their robes. The books hung from their belts and could thereby be hidden against those who might persecute them for their faith. I'm not sure how that relates to me but I loved the look of this book and the fact that it was custom made for me by hand with leathers and papers I personally selected from the piles in his workshop. The paper is soft and gorgeous to paint on.

Here is a little sampling of what I've done in it.

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Tina said...

Hi there - I notice that you used to live in Perugia - I just moved there and I'm wondering if you remember what time you had to be there for your entrance test...? I was never given any information and I have to be there Monday. Yikes!