Sunday, September 10, 2006

Meeting other Americans

I couldn't wait to fit this in when we post about our day in Marostica. While standing under the portico of a nearby building waiting for the downpour of rain to stop we overheard some English being spoken. Always anxious for a little conversation that doesn'r require a nap afterwards I asked "where are you from". My usual great opening line (may explain why I never was very good at picking up girls in my earlier life) to which they responded "Alabama" and we talked about their adventure in Italy and what they had visited. We asked what they enjoyed and about food. To which he replied "I can't wait to get home to Alabama to get a good pizza and some sweet tea." Being famous for my lack of tact I had to ask WHAT? He replied "you know pizza with lots of stuff on it, plenty of meat." Still confused, afterall this is the home of pizza, I wanted to know what he could not find in Italy explaining that you can get anything on a pizza here including french fries (yuck!). He was firm that pizza at home is better than pizza in Italy. I guess people do truly see the world differently.

Rosemary asked that I take full credit for this posting and tell you she had no hand in this. I think the line about picking up girls should have told you that but she insisted.


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