Sunday, September 17, 2006

The City of Vicenza, near Verona

The Duomo – its facade is original but the interior had to be rebuilt after WWII bombing

Reflections in the canal

Columns with symbols of the city in Piazza dei Signori

Beautiful Torta and the reason why we can't lost weight (that's the price in euros: 22.30 WOW)

Architectural details

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bluey_blue said...

I know what you mean about the comment situation. I think besides my friend John, you and Bob are the only ones who comment on mine. It gets fraustrating especially when I like feedback. I do like reading your bogger and I enjoy seeing the pics, so please keep it up.

Tomorrow is a big day for me...James is moving here from Ephrata, Washington so that I can finish school and hopefully we can save some money. I'm a little nervous but I know everything will be fine. I've been working on his room since last friday. My friend Joe and I pulled out the carpet, painted the walls, and put in a temporary vinyl floor. What a difference it makes!

Well I better go...I had to close tonight at work so I'm still doing laundry and I have a class in the morning. As always take care and stay safe!!!