Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Day in the Dolomites 8.4.06

On Friday, after the rainy day in Verona, we took a drive through the Dolomites, in the area around Bolzano. We stopped in this very German feeling city to see the “Iceman” – a fully preserved glacier mummy 5300 years old found in the mountains north of here around 1991. A huge section of the South Tyrol Museum of Archeology is devoted to this incredible find, along with his clothing and tools that were also preserved in the ice. Fascinating. (

We enjoyed just driving through this amazing part of Italy. Most of these little towns feel more like Austria or Germany with their mountain chalets and every balcony and windowsill brimming with brightly colored flowers and the German language spoken as readily by the locals as Italian. Even the bakeries seemed more like the German “bakerei” with their pretzels and brown bread! The scenery is breathtaking! Here are a few of the views we enjoyed as we drove off the main highway and made our way along the narrow roads that wind through the Dolomites.

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