Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Brescia 8.13.06

On Monday we drove to Brescia, just on the other side of Lago di Garda, for the day. It’s a short drive with some pretty scenery and we were delighted at how pretty this city is. We arrived early – around 9 am and the streets were fairly deserted. This week was a holiday week in Italy, one of the biggest vacation times here. Ferragosto is the time of year when most Italians are on vacation. Many shops and restaurants have signs on their doors giving the dates that they will be closed for “ferie” (vacation, or holiday). I enjoyed this time period last year in Perugia as there were not many people there and the tranquility of the normally busy year – most students and residents out of town, was a delightful change from the norm.

Brescia was experiencing this same feeling of having been abandoned by its residents and we loved being able to wander around, taking photos without maneuvering around tourists!

We had a cappuccino and a cornetto in one of the piazzas, visited the wonderful city museum in a former convent of Santa Giulia, which had originally been a roman villa, admiring the mosaics on the floors and the crusty Roman bits. We visited the Duomo Nuova and its predecessor, the lovely round Duomo Vecchio, many of the beautiful piazzas in this very fine city. The sky was a brilliant shade of blue with some puffy white clouds.

Here is just a sampling of some of the details that captured our attention:

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