Monday, May 02, 2005

Primo Maggio, 2005

This is just a short posting today to say Happy May Day to everyone out there reading my words. It is very gratifying to know that so many people seem to be interested in what I have to say and care about us and what we are doing. Today is the first of May. In Perugia there is music in the piazza and a holiday feeling in the air. We slept in (foolishly) and ate a leisurely breakfast (one of my frittatas) and wandered out to the main piazza to find that we had missed a parade! Yesterday there was a high school band from Massachusetts playing there and tonight there will be rock music. There have been various bands and musicians here and there all day.

Tomorrow is the beginning of our studies at the Universita per Stranieri and we are not sure how much of our lives will be consumed with the learning of the language and how much blogging we will have time to do. I hope you will not give up on checking here if you don't see anything new from us for a while. I will try to at least post short notes just to keep you interested! The class begins tomorrow, the 2nd of May and goes until the 31st.

As a note to those of you who post comments here - I can respond to your comments but they seem to appear on the same page as your original comments. So if you have placed a post (comment) please check back to where you posted and you will see my reply there. I will try to respond to them all. I get an email notice that you have left a comment and sometimes I will just send you an email in response rather than post an additional comment. To those of you who have tried and been unsuccessful I am sorry you have had difficulty. When I add a comment, all I do is click on the word "comment" and a box comes up for me to type my note. Then I just say "post" and off it goes. All I can say is keep trying. It's fun to hear from you.

Now we will run off to the Internet Café to post these notes and a few photos.
Wish us luck with our studies! We think we will be the oldest students in the class and it should be interesting to see how un-fossilized brains work.

And, as a footnote to those of you still confused - we did not buy a piano. It was being delivered to our neighbor's house and we were just being nosy!

And, thanks to Art for telling me that paper made from lambskin is parchment. All I can say to that is "duh!" I should have known that. The words over the artisan's head said "Pergamana" (parchment, in Italian!).

Buona sera!
Rosemary & Bob

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