Sunday, May 08, 2005

King of Bread

King of Bread
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He is lying in a bed of loaves of bread. The ones he later threw to the audience.


T.Laird said...

WOW! |||||||
- -
< \ >


A human cornucopia!!
Never seen anything like that in my Italy Italy magazine!!!


T.Laird said...

Darn! Sorry my little computer drawing didn't come out! Guess you can't do those sorts of things on a blog! Oh Well It was kind of cute! Looked like Bob!!!


Anonymous said...

That's my life dream!
Viva i carboidrati!!!
Come state? Come procede il corso di lingua? Vi piace Perugia? Uno di questi giorni dovreste visitare il Choco Hotel, e' molto divertente.

Il semestre e' finalmente finito qui. Ieri sera abbiamo fatto la festa di fine semestre. Il tempo e' favoloso, non abbiamo ancora acceso l'aria condizionata. Incredibile!

Un bacio (ahime' non perugino, ma phoenicino ...)

Daniel germani said...

Dear Rosemarie and Bob...I can't beleive that you guys already moved to Italy and we had not had the chance to make dinner plans. Moving into the new house was more hectic than expected...from NScottsdale to Central Phoenix is quite a nice much easier is everything living closer.
Reynaldo fw me the link to your blog and as I see you guys are having a great time...I am very jealous.
Living in Italy has such a different scale...more human, less industrial, more connected to the real flavors and less to the chemicals and preservatives.
Enjoy Perugia and i baci Perugina...mmmm
A presto.
Bacci e abracci
Daniel Germani

Bob and Rosemary said...

Dear Terri,
Thank you for commenting! It truly was an incredible experience. This coming weekend, it's off to Gubbio for the Festival of the Ceri. We are trying to take in as much as we can.

Dear Anna,
How wonderful to hear from you! Il corso e buon. Impariamo molto, i insegnanti ci sono molto brave e i studenti interessanti dal tutto al mondo. Ci divertente e siamo molto allegri.

Quando vieni a Perugia???

Stasera andiamo a la casa da Anna Comodi per la cena con altri studenti. Tuo amica e bellissima. Grazie per darci la sua nome.

Whew! I am trying very hard to learn.
Looking forward to seeing you when you come.


How nice to hear from you too! It's wonderful to know that many people are reading and following our adventure. You are right, we love Italy. And also all the people who have been warm and friendly to us. Sorry we did not have a chance to know you better but if you and Reynaldo come to Italy, we will have that dinner!