Thursday, November 23, 2006

Pumpkin Pie Disaster

Not that we didn't eat it. It tasted fine regardless of its looks.


bluey_blue said...

It doesn't look that bad...course I don't really know what it should look like. Growing up my mom used to tell us that if we didn't like the way our food looked, then we should close our eyes and eat it anyways. lol My firrst expirience with cooking something from scratch was spaghetti sauce. I didn't know you had to put sugar in it, but I still ate it too. :)

Getting excited for the holidays. My brother is getting out of the Navy December 21st and will be home for x-mas! This will also be my first x-mas with James. Kind of nervous, but hanging in there.

Well gotta hit the hay and prepare for anther day. Take care and stay safe!


p.s. I'd like to see Bob try the shot with the man painting again if possible. The clouds are beautiful, but you loose him in the darkness. (not trying to be too critical)

Ginnie & Keith said...

Hey - the pie is fine! After all, imagine what it would look like after you digested it! Taste is what counts - and if you cover it with whip cream nobody ever really gets to see what it looked like (that's Keith's personal secret!)
Ginnie & Keith