Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tracing Roots in Polizzi Generosa

We went to Polizzi Generosa, near Palermo, in the Madonie Mountains, to search for the birth records of my maternal grandfather, who was born there. We learned also that Martin Scorsese, the American film director, can trace his origins to this city. As can Vincent Schiavelli, the actor, author and cook who died recently at the age of 57, and who wrote one of my favorite "memory" cookbooks, "Bruculinu, America"... a collection of personal stories and recipes handed down to him from his grandfather, Papa Andrea, who was born in Polizzi Generosa. Anyway, my family isn't famous like these guys, but they are from Polizzi Generosa!

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Chris Connelly said...

Wow, you have really found some amazing stuff! Fantastic!

I'm in the middle of very exciting accounting homework, but I'll read this more thoroughly when I'm done!

Love, Chris