Sunday, January 01, 2006

And The Biggest Kid of All


Elio said...

Hi Rosemary and Bob.

I've been reading your blog for a week and wanted to say hello. Like you, I plan on spending some serious time in Italy very soon. I recently received my dual citizenship and can't wait for the opportunity to pack up and go. Don't forget to visit the Lipari Islands. A ferry leaves Messina regularly. Also, Noto is not to be missed and Etna!

Also, is there anyway you can pass me your landlords contact info in Perugia? I'd be interested in looking at one of their apartments. Take care and I hope the weather warms up for you soon.

Elio (from Canada)

Bob and Rosemary said...

Ciao Elio,
Thanks for your comment. It's always nice to know that people are reading and enjoying the blog. I'm curious as to how you found us, was it through the ExPat's site?

We plan to visit all the places you suggested but thanks for the info about the ferry.

About the apartment in Perugia, if you send us your email address we will give you their phone number. We would prefer not to post that number on the blog without their permission.

Rosemary & Bob

Elio said...

Rosemary & Bob,

I came across your blog as a result of Cristina's Expats in Italy site. In fact, I follow a number of blogs dedicated to living la dolca vita in Italy.

In May 2004 I had the priviledge of cycling Sicily and seeing the wonderful history of this magnificent island first hand. It truly is a wonderfully diverse place. I can see why Sicilians consider themselves unique and very different from the mainland Italians.

In so far as your statement about the men in the piazza's, I laughed out loud when I read your observation. I found the Sicilian men to dominate every piazza in Sicily with not one woman to be found in the immediate vicinity. I believe this must be a continuation of a very old custom that has very deep roots, especially in the southern part of Italy.

My direct email address (the one I can give out publicly for fear of spam) is

Also, it would be great to read your observations on the differences each part of Italy compares to the other. I know that your experience it Perugia was awesome and I would find it of particular interest to see what your observations are of the people, mannerisms and attitudes towards life and especially tourists.

I found from my own experiences that the Sicilians were some of the most welcoming (although it took some time to get them to warm up)

Happy and safe travels,


PS Sicily is famous for it's pastries. When in Catania, please check out i dolci di Nonna Vincenza,

Bob and Rosemary said...


We found a card from our landlord in Perugia for their country home. You can contact them at this address and explain that you are interested in the apartment at via dell' Aquila. E-mail addresses are, or, their web site for the country home is
Good luck and we hope you enjoy Perugia as much as we did.