Friday, April 22, 2005

Meeting Barb & Art

Monday, April 18, 2005

On Monday we met Barb and Art. Barb and Art also have a blog that describes their adventures in Italy. We found them through the Ex-pats site and have been corresponding with them as we were getting closer to our arrival in Italy and they offered to get together so that we could meet. They have made more of a commitment than we have; they actually bought a house in a small village and have retired here pretty much permanently. They were kind enough, since they have a car and we don�t, to come to Perugia (around 20 miles away) to see our apartment, have a cup of coffee and some pastry with us and then to drive us back to San Vernanzo to see their house and village. It was so nice talking with them and hearing all the stories about how they found their house and are settling in to their neighborhood, becoming part of the community they have chosen. We went to the market in Manciano with them where once a week you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers and clothing and basically everything from soup to nuts and taste the most delicious roasted pork you�ve ever had! They introduced us to their favorite pizza place and we agreed that it was marvelous and then drove up the hill to their town which sits high on a hill in Umbria and overlooks green fields and rolling hills and valleys dotted with vineyards and olive groves and farms as far as the eye can see in all directions and it is breathtaking! The play of light across this panorama is ever-changing and completely incredible. You could see Assisi in the distance just glistening in the sun as clouds in the sky darkened other areas. I was speechless.

Barb and Art are about to go back home for 6 weeks to visit their family in Kentucky and we wish them Buon Viaggio and look forward to getting to know them better and spending some time wandering around Umbria with them from time to time.

Here�s to following your dreams.

Rosemary & Bob

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