Friday, April 22, 2005

The Laptop is back!

Yesterday we got on a bus at 9 in the morning, which took us to our computer shop to pick up our laptop! All is well I am happy to report and the laptop is working just fine. Here I sit in my own kitchen composing my blogs so that I can save time at the Internet Cafe, by just posting what I have written and not sitting there writing and using up my time. I am happy about this!

Unfortunately, the ipod was not so lucky and we will need to take further measures to repair or replace it.

I wanted to tell my friends at P.S. Studios that we found a cafe that serves illy coffee! Some of the grocery stores also carry it so that was nice to see. The cafe is right next to where we got the bus yesterday so upon our return we went in and ordered two latte machinatos (just to try something besides cappuccinos!) and they were delicious. Illy does seem to be a higher priced product compared to some of the other local brands but it really is a wonderful coffee.

We have been here now only two and a half weeks but it seems much longer. There are times when I feel very disoriented and sort of lost. Just trying to read a newspaper or museum plaque is challenging and takes a lot of time and energy. We are watching TV and seeing some movies and I must confess that most of the time I am clueless as to what is going on. When I do understand, or at least get the gist of it, it's very exciting. I am optimistic that it will get better and easier as we go along. I feel strange not having my job to go to or any kind of routine and it still feels as if we are just on vacation, but not really. I am thrilled to be here, don�t get
me wrong, but there are moments when I really miss my old life and all the people and things in it. I guess it�s a bit of homesickness, that's all.

We are trying to plan some trips outside of Perugia, taking the bus to other cities like Gubbio and Todi and one called Corciano where we have found out that there is a major arts and crafts fair that looks interesting. There are endless possibilities and adventures that await us. I cannot believe our good fortune at having found this terrific little apartment with its and view in this amazing city, in this beautiful country and I hope to make the most of this journey. I have painted a bit and hope to do more. I'll post some things from time to time for you to see.

We start our Italian language classes on May 2 and that should be interesting. I'm finding that I can communicate on a basic level with shopkeepers and bus people and when asking for directions and having simple conversations. There is a lot of English spoken here and there are a lot of American students, so that is to be expected I suppose. And, they can spot you in a crowd. Before you even open your mouth they know you are American. We have found everyone to be friendly and helpful and enjoy the people we have met very much.

Today, who knows. We will do some exploring and I hope to do some painting. There is a bit of blue sky but the wind has picked up and I believe it might rain. I�m bringing my umbrella.

Rosemary & Bob

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