Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Tonight we are in a motel in Rehoboth Beach. This is a summer place with a wide boardwalk that in season is filled with vacationers. Even now, however, there were people at the beach, bundled up but still enjoying themselves, walking on the sand, flying kites, standing and watching the surf and the seagulls, and we were among them today. We said goodbye to Chris this morning. We had breakfast with him before he had to go off to work and then we packed up the car and headed east again. It was a wonderful visit with him in Richmond. On Saturday we had lunch with Kim and her kids and played all afternoon and then again on Sunday, with Kyla. She has grown so much since Christmas, it’s unbelievable. She is indeed crawling all over the place and lifts herself up on anything that is the right height and stands there – so proud of herself. She will walk across the room if you hold her hands and I’m sure she will be doing it on her own before too long. She mimics things you do, making the cutest faces. We are including photos so that you can all see her. The difficult thing now is knowing we won’t see her for two years. Chris promised us he will keep sending photos and movies so we expect to follow her growth as much as we can from Italy.

Today we arrived in Rehoboth in the early afternoon, got settled into our hotel and took a long nap! We had walked on the beach for quite a while when we first got here and I guess that and the drive wore us out. Afterwards we drove up to Milford where our “Villa” is and visited with Mike and Dani, the lovely young couple who is renting the place. It was so nice to see them, they are taking such good care of our home, it makes it easy to leave, knowing it is in such good hands. We had dinner in Lewes at a little restaurant on the water, walked on the beach again and now here we are back in the room, catching up on email and writing the blog.

Tomorrow we will leave the beach here and spend a few days with our friends Lynn & Bill and their daughter Avery near DC. We’d like to see our country’s capitol now, kind of top off the Farewell Tour of the U.S. by seeing the White House, maybe go to the National Gallery, and just walk around enjoying the sites. This has been an amazing journey. It’s hard to believe we are in the final stretch now. By Thursday we will be at my cousin Clo’s in Pennsylvania through Easter, then to Long Island with Bob’s cousin Ginnie. From there we hope to visit some Long Island friends and family in the area. On Thursday the 31st, we are meeting my brother Fred and sister-in-law Elaine and a group of cousins in the city for “The Last Supper” and on Friday, April 1 we leave for Rome. Quite an amazing journey indeed.

Stay tuned for more adventures.
Rosemary & Bob

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Anonymous said...

Rosemary & Bob! How exciting is this!!! You'll soon be in Italy!

David & I are really looking forward to the notes, photos & artwork posted from Italy. It will be grand!

Looks like I will be teaching at least one of the art classes this next Fall at the Botanical Garden. I had an impromptu interview with the director of the program, Marilyn Garber, this past Saturday. I'm hoping it will be one of the watercolor classes itself.

Take care and look forward to hearing from you again soon!