Thursday, February 08, 2007

Amalfi Coast drive 1.31.07

After we returned from our weekend in Rome with Andrea and Vincent, we took a couple of days to rest, catch up on laundry and writing, downloading photos and by Wednesday were getting antsy to take a drive. The weather was gorgeous, after the rainy cold days in Rome and we wanted to just be by the sea. We stopped in Cetara for a late morning coffee and were disappointed that our favorite little coffee bar there was already out of cornetti (how can this be!) and a little 3-year old boy nearby was riding on his battery powered mini-motorscooter making an annoying buzzing sound. I don't really understand this as I think it would be much healthier to give a kid a bicycle that they actually have to use muscles to operate than a toy they just sit on where the only energy expended is by the parent/grandparent who has to chase the kid around as they zoom through the piazza! Still hungry for breakfast, we bought some fresh fruit and a few loaves of this most wonderful bread and made a picnic sitting out on the pier with the view of lovely Cetara directly in front of us. This is one of my absolute favorite places here on the Amalfi Coast. Out there it is peaceful and quiet and the views are spectacular. I never tire of it.

After a while we decided we should wander further on and packed up our stuff. There is an abbey along the road to Maiori, which is well before you reach Amalfi and we have been fascinated by it since we arrived here. Finally we decided to just park the car off the road where the turn-off for the cemetery is and walk back to take a closer look. It is the crusty white Badia Santa Maria dell'Olearia and it was unfortunately closed. But it is quite impressive the way it is built right into and under the sheer cliff along the road that overlooks the coast and there is a huge cactus and purple and red bougainvillea growing at its base. Plus it was just fun to walk along the coast instead of just driving by. We stopped to buy some oranges and tangerines from a little stand tucked into a corner of the road and admired the giant lemons he had for sale. We wandered up the road towards the cemetery and down, admiring the views and just soaking in the sun.

There is a wonderful pair of Norman towers along the road after Maiori and we stopped again for some photos and sketching. Bob walked over to get some information about the restaurant in the tower that is right on the sea but it was closed. The hotel was also closed, so no luck there. We thought it might be fun to come here for dinner some time even though we suspect it might be pricey.

Lunch was a panini at a bar with a view of the sea in Minori, the little town past Maiori, just before Ravello.

By the time we finished eating it was after 3pm and we decided we were ready to head home and took our time getting back to Vietri.

We really enjoyed our day, taking our time to savor all the little things and look forward to still more days like this.

Buona giornata,
Rosemary e Roberto

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