Thursday, July 27, 2006

More Wedding Photos

Andrea & Vincent drive away in a 1957 Pink Cadillac

Jessica and Andrea

Andrea & her father Andreas doing a Traditional Hungarian Wedding dance

Rosemary & Andreas spinning around

Bob says "See, I do dance!"

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bluey_blue said...

That must have been really neat to see a wedding from a different culture. From the pictures it looks like it must have been very beautiful and a fun atmophere! I can only hope that my wedding will be just as great. Tell Bob he'll have to practice his dance steps cause I'm not letting anyone get away with not dancing at my wedding! :)

Well gotta go brother, his girlfriend, and her daughter are here visiting till the end of the weekend, so I don't want to ignore them for too long. Adri is 13 years old...I feel like she's the younger sister I never had. Take care and stay safe!!