Monday, March 06, 2006

Jessica's coming! 3.06.06

We just wanted to write and tell you that our beautiful, smart, funny, adorable, helpful, brave and cheerful daughter (ok, now she sounds like a boy scout!) Jessica is coming to visit us for three weeks. She arrives on Wednesday. That's the day after tomorrow! We are so excited!! We have not seen her since October when she and our son Christopher came to see us in Perugia. We had so much fun with them then and look forward to this time with her as well. In the third week of her stay, her friend Michelle will join us and that will be a lot of fun too. Michelle has always been just like one of the family and we look forward to seeing her again too. The last time we saw her was in February before we left Phoenix. It will be great catching up.

But what I wanted to write was that we may not have much time for writing and posting during this time so I hope you will check back with us again at the end of March or beginning of April to see what we did during that time and we should have a bunch of new photos to show you by then.

That's it for now.

Take care, buon marzo!
Rosemary & Bob


Mary Beth said...

Your blog is very cool. I especially like the photos. I have a little dream of living in Italy (Ravenna) with my young children and husband in the fall. He is an actor and I am a writer, we live in NYC. I was interested in your blog especially because when I was growing up in suburban Illinois, our next door neighbors were named Bob and Rosemary and they were very dear to me. Your account of living in Italy is inspiring. - MB

Bob and Rosemary said...

Mary Beth,
Thank you so much for your lovely comments on our blog. We always appreciate hearing from the people who are reading. All the best with fulfilling your dream. Feel free to look through our Archives and see what we did to get here. One foot in front of the other. There are many helpful sites, like and chock full of good advice and information that I would urge you to utilize. There are so many people more than willing to help, it's quite wonderful.

All the best,

Ginnie & Keith said...

Hi Guys,
Got home yesterday and there was a big brown box in the mail - problem was it was supposed to be in Italy! The box of nutritional food groups was returned to me - due to an insufficient address. Now I'm going to have to undo the tape, eat the Hostess cupcakes and replace the cupcakes (since the r/t would definately go past the expiration date.) So - before I send this out again - could you please repeat the address (although I was pretty sure I had it correct!) Thanks - and have a great time visiting with Jessica.