Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Lago Santa Rosalia and Buscemi, Sicilia 2.18.06

I think I am getting a little behind on my writings about our life and times here, so I must spend some time this morning catching up. Our last major outing was Agrigento and the next will be Acireale for Carnevale. But in the mean time we have been having fun exploring places closer to home. Last week we decided to take a drive to find the Lago Santa Rosalia, that Elio told us about and the diga (dam) that formed it. The drive was spectacular and since Elio himself put in the coordinates for the TomTom GPS, we headed out fully confident we would have no difficulty finding it! Why we didn't buy one of these the minute we got a car is beyond me (part of the live cheap philosophy I guess) but we are glad we have it now and would recommend one to anyone traveling.

Heading out of the city, passing Ragusa Ibla, we stopped for a cappuccino at a bar/restaurant called "La Stazione di Ragusa Ibla" in a converted railway station that was charming (put this on the list of places to take the family when they come.)

The drive was spectacular, through again, some of the most gorgeous scenery we have seen anywhere in our travels through Italy. Sicily has not disappointed us.
Along the lakefront we discovered a restaurant (Dirupo Rosso) we want to take our family to when they come to visit with an incredible view of the lake (and reservations required). We will return there! The "profumo" (smells) emanating from this place were enough to start me salivating!

The almond trees are blooming all over the place and with the yellow wildflowers everywhere, we think spring is certainly beginning and we are excited to see what comes next!

Rosemary & Bob

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