Sunday, November 27, 2005

11.17.05 Arreverderci Perugia!

This will be the last post we make until we get settled in Sicilia. Today is Sunday and we will leave here on Wednesday morning. Our plan is to drive straight to Chianchetella to visit Ermalinda and her family, our distant cousins. These are the cousins we met in my great-grandfather's village outside Naples. We plan to stay in that area for 2 nights and spend some time with Ermalinda and hopefully be able to talk with her about our family history and see more of the village. I would also like to see the neighboring town, San Nicola, where my great-grandmother was born. Then we will continue down to Sicily. Below you will see one more photo of the streets of Rome, one of Bob's beautiful shots and some of the snow in Perugia. The next images you see will be from another part of Italy and we look forward excitedly to taking them and then sharing them with you!

A presto,
Rosemary and Bob


ayan said...

Hi Bob and Rosemary,
well you are certainly very adventurous and I am sure you will love sicily on the whole. Riposto is a very nice place on the beach, not remote and close to large shopping malls.....However it is also close to the Etna valley and you will be able to enjoy all the marvels that Etna has to offer,wonderful natural reserve parks, skiing and golfing are all nearby.
I have a feeling you may just stop here a little longer!!

My husband and I with our little girl moved here (45mins from Riposto) a year ago from London and there is no going back now.

If you need anything at all when you get to sicily, please do not hesitate to contact us we would be glad to point you in the right direction...

Have a safe journey

Chris Connelly said...

As always, very nice photos...I'd like copies of some, but you can't save them from here which is annoying. Oh well.

I was disappointed to see that some idiot spammers had posted a bunch of stupid ads all over your nice blog. What a shame. There must be some way to block that stuff...or there should be.

When people post here, do you get any kind of notification? In other words, is there any point in posting on old entries or are they just lost in the shuffle?