Saturday, October 29, 2005

A day in Pietrasanta 10.26.05

Today we took a long drive to go and see Esther and Doug, our young friends who rented the apartment next to us in the month of August and who we wrote about in earlier posts. They are sculptors, working at this time in Pietrasanta, near Pisa, carving marble, and creating art with their hands and their hearts. This is indeed a passion for these young artists and seeing them in the studios where they work was very exciting for us. Esther had agreed to create a mortar and pestle for us from marble and the only direction we gave her was that we had hoped it would be something that would remind us of the garden and time we spent together here in these two apartments that are back to back in the Giardino dell'Insignolo. We were very anxious to see what she would do, fully confident that we would love it and were not disappointed. She had earlier directed us to a website where her work was displayed and we fell in love with her clean, sensitive way of working. Today we went there to see them and to pick up the finished piece. I am not going to try to describe what it looks like, except to say that it is perfect and that we love it, but we will post some photos for you all to see. If you want to see more of Esther's art, you can go to this website: and then you will have to search for Esther Bruijn but it's worth it, her work is gorgeous.

I do want to say a huge thank you to Esther for taking the time to create this beutiful piece of art for us. It is something we will treasure always and display proudly. And thanks to the both of them for taking time out of their day to visit with us and show us around. We appreciate it very much.

They showed us the studios where they work, amazing outdoor spaces in a city where there are huge yards full of every size and color of marble block, from the enormous ones to the tiny scraps, and every artists finds his or her perfect piece and begins the process, as Michelangelo said, of taking away everything that is not the sculpture and creating their own masterpieces. It was fascinating to learn a little bit more about the process of creating a little model in plaster and the intricate method of transferring the design to the marble, using a system of points and measurements. The city itself is charming with all these streets radiating out from the central piazza and I was immediately captivated by it. To watch all these artists, so passionate about their art, working side by side, sharing knowledge and techniques in a communal atmosphere, was thrilling and we went away talking about a time in the future when Bob and I will have a larger studio place of our own to make our art, a place we can be messy and he can make his sculptures and I can fling paint to my heart's content. But that is not now for us. Now is a time of discovery and exploration, of soaking in experiences and traveling to exotic places; a time of wonder and wanderings. One dream at a time, please!

Buona notte,
Rosemary & Roberto

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