Monday, July 04, 2005

A day at the beach

A day at the beach

On Friday morning we got in the car and drove up to the top of Monte Cònero where there is a fancy hotel. The guy at the little concession stand nearby told us the walk out to the view was only about 10 minutes (see comment about Italian calculation of time) so we headed off down the path. At least 20 minutes later we found the viewpoint – an amazing spot that overlooks Le Due Sorelle, the two huge rock formations that jut out of the sea below. The most fun part of this walk along a tree-lined, sun-dappled path was the butterflies that seemed to be accompanying our journey. The most beautiful iridescent yellow and green butterflies kept flitting all around us, playing with each other in the air, landing on leaves just ahead of us and then waving us on. It was enchanting; they were like little fairies, helping us find our way through the woods.

I should say that there are also some beaches across from hotels along another stretch of the coast where you can just walk across the road and be on the beach but the views are not nearly as breathtaking as where we were even if we did have to work to get to them.

We stopped at the beach called Portonovo for an hour or so for a swim. This is one of the beaches where you can drive down to a parking place and the beach is right there. This also had an incredible view of the mountain with little dried palm frond umbrellas and crystal blue waters. The beach is covered with larger white, white rocks that are quite beautiful. We played in the water here and then got back in the car for more exploring. The views at every turn are amazing.

For the rest of the day we returned to our beach at Grotto Urbani, rented lounge chairs and an umbrella – and there we remained for the entire day. We slept, read books, went in the water until we felt cold or had too much sun (several times in and out!), I did some watercolor sketching, played with the rocks, making little faces and designs and just thoroughly relaxed. On the beach is the only place where Bob can sit all day and do nothing! It was magical. I wish I could describe the color of this water and the sensation of knowing we were swimming in the Adriatic Sea. Picturing the map of Italy, seeing the curve of the land, the mountain jutting out, covered with deep green trees, the sky as blue as the water, the air warm and soft on our skin. I must tell you it was very hard for me to leave and I was so sad to go. But now we want to try to visit every beach area in Italy to find a place for us to live next summer! We think this would be the perfect life, to find a small apartment perhaps in a not too small town within easy reach of the sea and spend our time as beach bums along the coast of Italy. Now our challenge is to find the right place with the right mix of all of these things that we can afford. May good fortune be with us!

(to be continued: see “Driving back to Perugia through the Valnerina”

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